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Wherever in France
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Wherever in Ireland
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Hey ! I'm Romario, 22 years old, currently living in Strasbourg, France. I'd like to go to Ireland, for Woofing-HelpX, boat-stopping. I'll be hitchhikking around France, so I can go wherever in France as long as you go to Ireland. I have no precise city our harbour in Ireland because I'll be hitchhikke there again. I'll be by myself, but it's possible that I'll meet someone on the road, therefore we'll be two people, not sure at all. I'll be free from June 25 to September 30, so if you plan to go there in this period tell me ! I'll be travelling without money, just enough for food. I've never boat-stopped before, but I know I'll learn quick, I know how to use my hands! If you're interested in taking me in, it me up ! Thank you
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I've never sailed on a boat before. But I'll learn quick, I will learn everything you can teach to me.
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