Bateau-stoppeur vers Marocco, Sénégal, west africa à partir du mer, 02/14/2018 - 01:00

Le voyage
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Cabotage côtier
Navigation hauturière
Par les canaux
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Canarias islands
Lieu d'arrivée: 
Marocco, Sénégal, west africa
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Hello! I am travelling since 1 year and my dream is to experiment differents ways of moving . I never had experiences with ocean or sea and would really like to start to take the plane a less as possible. So I will be in canarias islands ( la gomera) in February, I would like to move around the 14 to Senegal . Marocco is also good. I love that my life is an experiment , I can't live without trying new things. I am a hard worker also, I travel always by working in some volunteer projects. So I love learning new things and always do the best. Hope someone will realise my dream :)
Mon expérience
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I have no experiences , only a little one around Mediterranean coast. But I want to start !
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