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Hello, I am Kevin, 26 years old from France. Six years ago I had the dream to go visit California, so I had to speak English. Then, I went to London. I lived and work in London during 8 month. Working has Bar back, and waiter. From there I went to live in Liege,Belgium to work. I am graduated Electrician for building construction, I've been working in France and Belgium in building Maintenance. Then in 2013 I start to travel in Central America, and California, Usa. During this travel I learned a lot ! I learned how to speak Spanish, I learned massage therapy, I work in Mazunte, Mexico and in California has massage therapist. I also learn how to play guitar, juggling with fire, Eco-construction, human relation ship, discovering the World... I learn a lot about myself ! From last year I came back to France. I am now, in Portugal. Today I have the dream to travel by the ocean. I want to experience life on the ocean, learn how to sail and maybe one day get my own boat !! I am now in Lagos, Portugal. I'm Looking at the Marina for any boat who's going to any where... I have no experience in sailing, I did some catamaran when I was a child, and i took some boats in Nicaragua, traveling in the country by the rivers and also on the ocean to Big Corn Islands. I'm a fast learner, a good listener and I am really motivated to learn !! I will be really happy to join you and give you my best. Best regards. Thank you. Kevin Clavreuil
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